Nissan Navara

The most powerful pick-up truck in Malaysia – the Nissan Navara! they call it one big mother trucker!
Specs on the microsite confirms that we will not be getting any detuned or lame version of the Navara’s 2.5 litre engine, we will be getting the powerful common rail intercooled direct injected version with a Variable Nozzle Turbo (VGT) producing a powerful 174 PS at 4,000rpm and 403Nm of torque at 2,000rpm.
Unlike the Frontier which came with a 5-speed manual only, the new Nissan Navara will come with a 5-speed automatic transmission with an easy rotary switch for shifting between 2WD and 4WD modes. 2H and 4H modes can be shifted on the fly at speeds of under 100km/h. You will likely have to stop to switch into the low-ratio 4L mode, but the rotary switch makes it easier than a shift lever.
This is probably also the first pick-up truck in Malaysia equipped with Xenon HID headlamps, which ETCM carefully states on the site is fully JPJ-compliant. The vehicle also has dual SRS airbags for the front passenger and driver. A version with leather seats will also be available, while in-car audio is served by a 2-DIN audio system with 4 speakers and 2 tweeters.
The specs of the Navara indicates a rather premium positioning – leather seats, the powerful engine and the xenon headlamps are proof of that. The microsite does not indicate a price and I’m not sure whether a cheaper version with less specs but retaining the powerful engine.
Nissan Navara Malaysia

Nissan Navara Malaysia
It’s just as well that Nissan positioned the Navara one class above the Frontier because even in terms of size, the Navara is one size larger than the other pickup trucks in the country which are classified as compact pick-ups.
The Navara has is a full 100mm longer than the longest compact pick-up truck which is the Toyota Hilux, and its wheelbase of 3200mm is also a full 115mm longer than the longest wheelbase which is also the Hilux. If you think that the current pickup offerings are rather large and hard to park, this will be even harder!
Nissan Navara Malaysia
Nissan Navara Torque CurveThe Navara is also the most powerful, with its 2.5 litre Nissan engine producing 174 PS at 4,000rpm and 403Nm of torque at 2,000rpm. It is mated to a 5-speed transmission with a single overdrive and an LSD. 4 non-overdrive gears means closer ratios compared to a 4-speed auto with 3 non-overdrive gears, this can keep the Navara in its powerband more often which should result in some very decent progress.
403Nm is alot of torque, about the same as the BMW 335i and the new M3, so expect lots of fun with the strong shove that kicks in at a peak of 2,000rpm. The turbo promises to be lag-less thanks to a VGT turbocharger which can vary its vane angles to have the turbine geometry always at its optimum.
Nissan Navara Malaysia
The truck uses a body on frame chassis, a rack and pinion steering wheel and a double wishbone suspension at the front and a solid axle with leaf springs at the rear. The interior is done in dark beige for the dash and light beige for the seats and looks like the one in the Latio. There are two cupholders at the front (positioned between the front seats) and two more for the rear that come out of the center armbox on the floor.
Other niceties include a leather interior, low range gearbox electronic switch which can switch from 2H to 4H and 4L electronically, an in-dash 6-CD player, Xenon headlamps for the front which Nissan says is JPJ approved so their officers won’t be able to give you a hard time, and an electro-chromatic rear view mirror on the interior with a built-in compass, similiar to the one in the BMW X3. This auto-dims whenever it detects a glaring light, and also displays a compass in the form of a small LED display in the top right of the mirror. The Xenon headlamps have their tilt adjustable from within the cabin in 4 steps.
Nissan Navara Malaysia
Safety features include dual SRS airbags and ABS brakes. Some may be concerned by reports of the Navara failing an Euro NCAP crash test with horrible results (one strikethrough star) earlier this year, but Nissan has quickly fixed that with an update to the airbag software. Nissan says that the issue only affects a batch of Navaras that were produced between May 07 and December 07. There is no issue with Navaras produced before that since the 2005 launch, and after the fix.
The affected vehicles were also recalled for the fix. After being retested with the new airbag control unit software, the Navara now scores 3 stars for adult occupant protection and 4 stars for child occupant protection.
The Navara comes with a 3 year or 100,000km warranty in Malaysia.
Nissan Navara Colors
Nissan Navara Specifications
Nissan Navara Malaysia
Nissan Navara Malaysia
Nissan Navara Malaysia
Nissan Navara Manual Gearknob
400Nm of torque and a 6-speed manual transmission. I could be referring to the new BMW M3. Or the new manual Nissan Navara which has just been introduced in Malaysia, joining its 5-speed auto ‘Mother Trucker’ sibling which was launched first. The new cars are CBU imports from Nissan in Thailand.
Two versions of the 6-speeder is on sale. One is the basic Navara 2.5L 6M/T and another is the Navara 2.5L 6M/T SE. Nissan’s press release refers to the SE as the Safety Edition (what, is the non-SE unsafe? heh just kidding).
This new “Safety Edition” also gets the necessary airbag software updates that resolves the bad crash test results in early 2008. The base 6M/T does not have the dual SRS front airbags, ABS brakes and EBD and the 6M/T SE model has.
The engine is the same powerful YD25DDTi 2.5 litre engine producing 174 PS and 403Nm of torque to be exact. So that’s actually 3Nm of rated peak torque more than the M3. Of course you can’t expect the same kind of shove as the powerband is narrow in a diesel and super wide in a high revving petrol BMW V8. The Navara M/T also gets the Shift-on-the-Fly 4WD system as the 5A/T, which allows 2WD/4WD shifting using a dial under 100km/h.
The list of equipment is a downgrade from the 5A/T LE. The xenon headlamps are replaced by halogens, the seats are fabric, the rearview mirrors lose their auto-dimming function, the CD changer is replaced with a single-CD, and the 6 speaker system has been downgraded to 4 speakers (they probably removed the 2 tweeters).
Some plastic bits in the interior which used to have a silver finish have been replaced by the same beige interior colour. On the outside, the door mirrors have their chrome finish replaced by body colour.

Nissan Navara Calibre 4X2

A rear wheel drive variant of the Nissan Navara called the Navara Calibre 4X2, You get to save some money in purchase price as well as shed the extra weight of the 4X4 system – a smart bet if you want to buy a truck for its power and lifestyle applications but without the 4X4 offroad capabilities. However you will not be getting the same power as the other variants!
The engine looks the same – a 2.5 litre YD25DDTi common rail injection diesel engine with a variable geometry turbocharger – but the power output is quite different. We are used to the Navara’s massive 174 PS and 403Nm of torque engine output figures, but in this Calibre model the engine only makes 144 PS and 356Nm of torque. I wonder if a simple modification of ECU parameters and/or boost levels will help ‘unleash’ the 174 PS.
The rest of the Navara Calibre 4X2′s equipment sheet is not simply a version of the 4X4 LE Automatic without the 4X4 system. Its headlamps are halogen instead of Xenon and it does not come with the LE and SE’s Dual SRS front airbags. However unlike the baseline 4WD manual, the Calibre 4X2 has ABS and EBD brakes. Speakers are 4 instead of 6 mated to a single CD player instead of a CD changer. The interior trim is fabric. The overhead console box and passenger A-pillar assist grip has been removed. But the Calibre 4X2 does get the interior silver finish trim of the top of the line LE, something which the SE Manual and Standard Manual doesn’t get.

Nissan Navara Single Cab 4×2

It’s powered by a 2.5 litre YD25DDTi commonrail turbocharged diesel unit, with 144 PS and 294 Nm for numbers, and the lump is mated to a five-speed manual transmission. As for body style designs, there are three to pick from (luton, steel or wooden body configurations), with each being built on a double-layered, high-tensile metal frame chassis reinforced, with a maximum payload of 750 kg.
Like the other Navara variants, the Single Cab wears the well-proven independent double-wishbone front suspension and a rigid rear axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs. Safety equipment includes side-impact beams, a collapsible steering wheel column as well as a load sensing brake system that evenly distributes brake pressure to the rear wheels for optimal stopping performance, with front disc brakes part of the standard kit.
Mod cons for the driver and passenger include large comfortable seating, an air-conditioning system and a standard CD/radio audio head unit.